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Bleeding Hollow Gold for WoW Dragonflight

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Bleeding Hollow Gold for WoW Dragonflight

Bleeding Hollow gold for sell for WoW Dragonflight US/NA United States. Buy WoW Gold Bleeding Hollow, handfarmed by our team (NO BOT, etc.). 100% safe Bleeding Hollow horde and Bleeding Hollow Alliance gold with 0% ban rate. Fast Delivery Process, Selling 24/7, Secure & Protected.

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By default, we deliver the gold by mail. In some cases, we deliver the gold via auction house – we will contact you so you can list some items or pet on AH. Also we can deliver via direct trade (face to face) or C.O.D.

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Our refund policy is: If you don’t get the gold within maximum of 48 hours from your purchase, you are entitled to full refund. Check our Refunds & Returns Policy page for full information.

Bleeding Hollow Powerleveling Service

We offer Dragonflight WoW powerleveling for Bleeding Hollow. Customizable options: 1-70, 1-60, 60-70

Bleeding Hollow Accounts for sell

Bleeding Hollow accounts for sell for WoW Dragonflight. All races and classes, level 70 and below.


Also, beside cheap Bleeding Hollow gold price, we sell gold for all WoW Dragonflight normal and roleplaying realms for all Europe, Oceanic and United States servers.

Bleeding Hollow WoW Realm Information

Bleeding Hollow Gold

  • Bleeding Hollow US (NA) is a Normal english speaking realm in WoW Dragonflight United States region with in the EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).

The server name is inspired by Bleeding Hollow clan. You can learn more about population and status for this server here.

he Bleeding Hollow clan is a savage and highly superstitious orcish clan originally hailing from the wilds of Tanaan Jungle. One of the largest clans of the Horde before passing into Azeroth, the Bleeding Hollow achieved legendary status for their participation in the First and Second Wars, during the latter of which they were tasked with occupying the dwarven and gnomish lands of Khaz Modan. Under the cunning leadership of their chieftain Kilrogg Deadeye, the Bleeding Hollow were one of the few clans to avoid capture by the Alliance after the Horde’s defeat and later rejoined the old clans on Draenor. Those that stayed on Azeroth were captured and put in internment camps before being freed by Thrall. Following Draenor’s transformation into Outland, many of the remaining Bleeding Hollow who did not escape back to Azeroth were transformed into fel orcs and entered the service of the Fel Horde, while another portion of the clan have joined the uncorrupted Mag’har orcs at Garadar under the leadership of Kilrogg’s son, Warchief Jorin Deadeye.

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