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Jindo Gold for WoW Classic WotLK

Jin’do gold for sell for WoW WotLK Classic. Buy WoW Gold Jindo, handfarmed by our team (NO BOT, etc.). 100% safe Jin’do Alliance and Jindo Horde gold with 0% ban rate. Fast Delivery Process, Selling 24/7, Secure & Protected.

How to Buy Gold for WoW
  1. Select your faction – Alliance or Horde
  2. Select available gold package
  3. Insert Character Name
  4. Submit a payment = Receive the gold.
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By default, we deliver the gold by mail. In some cases, we deliver the gold via auction house – we will contact you so you can list some items or pet on AH. Also we can deliver via direct trade (face to face) or C.O.D.

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Our refund policy is: If you don’t get the gold within maximum of 24 hours from your purchase, you are entitled to full refund. Check our Refunds & Returns Policy page for full information.

Jin’do Powerleveling Service

We offer WoW Classic Wotlk powerleveling for Jindo. Customizable options: 55-80, 70-80, 1-80

Jindo Accounts for sell

Jin’do accounts for sell for WotLK WoW Classic. All races and classes, level 80 and below.


Also, beside cheap Jin’do gold price, we sell gold for all wow classic PvP and PvE realms for all Oceanic, United States and Europe servers.

Jin’do WoW Classic Realm Information

Jindo Gold

Jindo is a fresh WotLK PvP (Player versus Player) english speaking realm in WoW Classic Europe (EU) region. The server name is inspired by Jin’do. You can learn more about population and status for this server here.

Jin’do was a Gurubashi jungle troll witch doctor of considerable power. Jin’do the Hexxer was responsible for brainwashing the Zandalari priests Jeklik, Venoxis, Mar’li, Thekal and Arlokk into the service of Hakkar, the Loa of Blood. He was initially killed during the first battle against the Hakkari trolls of Zul’Gurub. His spirit later returned, stole the powers of Hakkar and attempted to bring power back to the Gurubashi, enlisting the aid of Zanzil the Outcast. Despite his newfound power, he was defeated and slain once again.

Jin’do was an optional boss in the classic Zul’Gurub raid, and the final boss of the revised Zul’Gurub.

Jin’do the Hexxer was a troll witch doctor inside Zul’Gurub and the leader of the Hakkari. It was in Zul’Gurub that Jin’do the Hexxer enslaved several high priests of the Gurubashi to aid him in summoning their dread god, Hakkar the Soulflayer, into Azeroth. The presence of the Soulflayer presented a grave threat to the world, and, before Hakkar and his priests could dominate the continent, they were thwarted by the Horde heroes mobilized from the four corners of Azeroth. Jin’do was slain in the conflict, but his restless spirit burned with shame at his failure, and it drifted in the spirit world, seeking a way to return.

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