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Kil’jaeden Gold for WoW Dragonflight

Kil’jaeden gold for sell for WoW Dragonflight US and EU. Buy WoW Gold Kil’jaeden, handfarmed by our team (NO BOT, etc.). 100% safe Kil’jaeden horde and Kil’jaeden Alliance gold with 0% ban rate. Fast Delivery Process, Selling 24/7, Secure & Protected.

How to Buy Gold for WoW DF
  1. Select your realm location – US or EU
  2. Select your faction – Alliance or Horde
  3. Select available gold package
  4. Insert Character Name
  5. Submit a payment = Receive the gold.
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By default, we deliver the gold by mail. In some cases, we deliver the gold via auction house – we will contact you so you can list some items or pet on AH. Also we can deliver via direct trade (face to face) or C.O.D.

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Our refund policy is: If you don’t get the gold within maximum of 48 hours from your purchase, you are entitled to full refund. Check our Refunds & Returns Policy page for full information.

Kil’jaeden Powerleveling Service

We offer Dragonflight WoW powerleveling for Kil’jaeden. Customizable options: 1-70, 1-60, 60-70

Kil’jaeden Accounts for sell

Kil’jaeden accounts for sell for WoW Dragonflight. All races and classes, level 70 and below.


Also, beside cheap Kil’jaeden gold price, we sell gold for all WoW Dragonflight normal and roleplaying realms for all Europe, Oceanic and United States servers.

Kil’jaeden WoW Realm Information

Kil'jaeden Gold

  • Kil’jaeden US (NA) is a normal english speaking realm in WoW Dragonflight United States region with in the PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).
  • Kil’jaeden EU is a normal german speaking realm in WoW Dragonflight Europe region with in the CET (Central European Time).

The server name is inspired by Kil’jaeden. You can learn more about population and status for this server here.

Kil’jaeden, was a powerful eredar demon lord and the second in rank of the Burning Legion. 13,000 years ago, Kil’jaeden, Archimonde and Velen were the leaders of the benevolent eredar people of Argus. When the Dark Titan Sargeras arrived and offered them the answer to the most important question there was, “what is the one true underlying flaw of the universe?”, the eredar, as a knowledge-seeking race, accepted, led by Kil’jaeden and Archimonde. Sargeras blessed them with unimaginable power, turning the eredar into demons who would help Sargeras get rid of that flaw, while Velen and his followers fled, renaming themselves the draenei. While Archimonde led the Legion’s armies, Kil’jaeden was charged with assimilating as many races as possible into the folds of the Burning Legion. He long sought to exact revenge on Velen and his followers for their perceived betrayal, which eventually led him to corrupt the orcs, native inhabitants of the world of Draenor which the draenei had settled upon. The orcs formed the First Horde, slaughtered the draenei, and invaded the world of Azeroth, marking the beginning of the First War. Kil’jaeden also created the Lich King and the undead Scourge as a means to weaken Azeroth’s defenses in preparation for a future Legion invasion.

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