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Velen Gold for WoW Dragonflight

Velen gold for sell for WoW Dragonflight US/NA United States. Buy WoW Gold Velen, handfarmed by our team (NO BOT, etc.). 100% safe Velen horde and Velen Alliance gold with 0% ban rate. Fast Delivery Process, Selling 24/7, Secure & Protected.

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By default, we deliver the gold by mail. In some cases, we deliver the gold via auction house – we will contact you so you can list some items or pet on AH. Also we can deliver via direct trade (face to face) or C.O.D.

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Our refund policy is: If you don’t get the gold within maximum of 48 hours from your purchase, you are entitled to full refund. Check our Refunds & Returns Policy page for full information.

Velen Powerleveling Service

We offer Dragonflight WoW powerleveling for Velen. Customizable options: 1-70, 1-60, 60-70

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Velen accounts for sell for WoW Dragonflight. All races and classes, level 70 and below.


Also, beside cheap Velen gold price, we sell gold for all WoW Dragonflight normal and roleplaying realms for all Europe, Oceanic and United States servers.

Velen WoW Realm Information

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  • Velen US (NA) is a Normal english speaking realm in WoW Dragonflight United States region with in the EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).

The server name is inspired by Velen. You can learn more about population and status for this server here.

Velen has been the leader of the draenei people since their flight from Argus 13,000 years before the first orcish invasion of Azeroth. Known by his people as the Prophet, he has been granted the gift of the Sight, and — aided by the Light — rejected offers of dark power from Sargeras and has guided his people as they fled from, and later fought against, the Burning Legion and their former eredar brethren. He is first among the draenei and is the arch-nemesis (formerly best friend) of Kil’jaeden.

Following the draenei’s flight to Azeroth, they made a new home on the Azuremyst Isles and, sensing great courage in the Alliance, Velen and his followers pledged themselves to this noble faction. The strengthened Alliance then helped the draenei reclaim their former holdings from the Legion. Most recently, Velen used the heart of the naaru M’uru to sanctify the blood elves’ tainted Sunwell, transforming the sacred fount into a source of holy and arcane energies. He also managed with the aid of the Conclave to bring the void god Saraka the Lighteater back to the Light as the naaru Saa’ra.

Although the Legion’s forces in Outland have been greatly diminished and the demonic invasion of Azeroth has been driven back, Velen remains fearful of an upcoming war between light and shadow. During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Velen led the defense of the Exodar from a Legion attack led by his own son High General Rakeesh. After the deaths of both O’ros and Rakeesh, Velen declared that he was neither prophet nor pawn, and that the draenei were returning home to Argus. Following the defeat of Argus’ corrupted world-soul and the containment of Sargeras, apparently ending the Legion and the Burning Crusade forever, Velen returned to Azeroth with his reunited people, offering his counsel to King Anduin Wrynn and the Alliance in the conflicts to come, and noting that perhaps it was time for each one of them to forge their own fate.

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